About the Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship Foundation

The CFSF was founded in June of 1999 in Evanston, Illinois by Mary Kay Bottorff, a parent of two, the older of which, a boy, was diagnosed with CF at three months of age. When he was born in 1982, his life expectancy was the late teens or early 20’s.

Despite a low life expectancy at his birth, the dream of Mary Kay and her husband was for their son to one day be a college graduate. Twenty-two years later, that dream became a reality. In June of 2003, their son graduated from Indiana University with a dual-degree in Philosophy and Cognitive Science. He continued his education at the University of Illinois where he earned a Masters Degree in Philosophy and Economics and now teaches at a community college in the Chicago area. However, not all young adults with CF are so fortunate.

As we all know, education beyond the high school level is an expensive endeavor. Expenses are even greater for young adults with CF due to the high cost of maintaining their health. It was to help all these young adults achieve their dreams and goals that Mary Kay decided to create the CFSF. By providing financial aid, the CFSF gives many young adults with CF some relief from financial pressure, thus giving the students more time to study, keep up their health, and enjoy their college experience.

Past Winners

“Thank you again for the scholarship! It has played a critical part in my being able to attend college, and it has made my college experience easier for me as well as my parents. May God bless you for your generosity.” – Heather

“As I am sure they have for others, these additional funds have taken a tremendous amount of pressure off of the shoulders of my supportive parents and myself by allotting me more time for respiratory treatments and health care that are so vital in sustaining my current health, that would have been spent on extra work hours.” – Melissa

“I do not know how to express my gratitude. You are helping many students such as myself achieve their dreams… I hope that I can make you proud and put your contribution to use keeping other children healthy and help them reach their dreams.” – Scott

Board Members:

Mary Kay Bottorff – President
Susan B. Harmon – Vice President
Laura Hastings – Treasurer
Amy Bottorff – Secretary
Betsy Waller – Board Member